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Understanding, appreciation and respect build the foundation of effective communication. Understanding is to put one's feet in the shoes of the others and feel what the other feels, appreciation is to be grateful for the help or assistance that have

为什么你爱并且尊重你的父母?回答:Because they give me life and they can do everything for me.因为他们给了我生命并且可以为我做任何事.

同学你好,很高兴为您解答! tolerate and mutual respect,您说的这个英文词语在CMA的考试中比较常见,学会这个词语对考取英文CMA资格证书特别有帮助.这个词语的汉语意思是:互相宽容和尊重. 希望高顿网校的回答能帮助您解决问题,更多CMA的相关问题欢迎提交给高顿企业知道.高顿祝您生活愉快!

mutual respect 相互尊重;互相尊重;尊重包容例句筛选1.At the heart of this new compact must be mutual respect and trust.这一新契约的核心必须是互尊互信.2.equality , mutual benefit , mutual respect for sovereignty and territorialintegrity.互相尊重领土和主权完整,互不侵犯.

Understanding,appreciation and respect build the foundation of effective communication.Understanding is to put one's feet in the shoes of the others and feel what the other feels,appreciation is to be

respect是“尊敬 敬意”的意思.在嘻哈文化的口语里跟 Peace(和平)和 Love(爱)一样常用到.对人、对音乐都可以表达respect的情感.以下是例句:值得被全世界Respect的嘻哈文化.我很respect 他哒,我偶像嘛.真正的街舞圈,先有 Respect 才能谈 Peace and Love.HIPHOP文化中最重要的是有Respect 精神.

你好: The person I respect most My father is the man I respect most. Stern as he may be, he never fails to show his care and consideration. Once I broke a neighbor's window. Seeing nobody around, I ran away immediately. When Dad came home

respect [ ris'pekt ] n. (与of, for连用)尊敬;尊重 to show respect to those who are older 尊敬长者 the students have great respect for their history teacher. 学生们非常尊敬他们的历史老师. 关心;注意 to pay (have) respect to 关心 (pl) 敬意;问

选 A 定语从句.谢谢!

上面两位朋友说的不错,她就是觉得你有点关心过火了,有点denial的意思,但可惜没表达正确,如果是说给外国人听,别人会一头雾水,以为你突然要尊重,要低调或者要还什么东西.总之很乱啦~~~~而且没有 return my low-key 这一说


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