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any stimulating information or event acts to arouse action 1. A goad; hence, something that rouses the mind or spirits; an incentive; as, the hope of gain is a powerful stimulus to labor and action. 2. That which excites or produces a temporary

important:adj. 重要的,重大的;有地位的;有权力的 significant:adj. 重大的;有效的;有意义的;值得注意的;意味深长的 n. 象征;有意义的事物 vital:adj. 至关重要的;生死攸关的;有活力的 crucial:adj. 重要的;决定性的;定局的;决断的

“重要的”英语单词是 important ,essential .

vitality:名词 n. [U]1.活力,生气Continual fevers weaken the vitality. 连续发烧会使人元气大伤.2.生命力3.生动性

1.make something 做某些东西 You've got to find a job and make some money to support yourself.你该找个工作,挣些钱养活你自己了.My mom is making breakfast in the kitchen.我妈妈现在正在厨房做早饭.Jerry, make your bed after you get

读“歪头”.是特别重要的意思.经常说“vital important”


动词:1. (不用被动语态)关于 2. 涉及,关系到;影响到 The letter is chiefly concerned with export commodities. 这封信主要是关于出口商品的. The news concerns your brother. 这消息与你兄弟有关. 3. 使担心;使不安[H][(+about/for)] The boy

搜一下:写英语单词:1.not modern,old-fashioned.2.most important 3.person who makes speeches


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