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用BElong to造句5个

1. This house belongs to me. 2. This car belongs to Tom. 3. This school belongs to our government. 4. The playground belongs to the school. 5. This bike belongs to Mary.

belong to 属于;为…的财产 It has belonged to our family for a long time.它成为我们的家产已很多年了.That book belongs to me.那本书属于我.That dictionary belongs to the library.那本词典是图书馆的.为…的一员 Do you belong to the trade union?你是工会会员吗?What club do you belong to?你是哪个俱乐部的?

Opportunities belong to the people who are prepared .机会是属于有准备的人的

You belong to me ,你是属于 我的

you belong to me,I belong to you,I will love you with my heart.

The house belongs to me !

This book belongs to me.That book belongs to you.The blue pen belongs to Jack.The black pen belongs to Kate.The white T-shirt belongs to Jim's friend.

It doesn't belong to me.belong to是动词,所以用助动词do.

The hair band must belong to Mary.你的句意是表肯定推测,所以必须用虚拟语气must

是,因为,belong 一般只用于主动.


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