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用hElp with造句初一

he often helps me (to)do my homework. the dictionary helps you (to) know the meaning of words. we should help mother with some housework. tom is very kind . he always helps me with my english.

He helps me with my English 他帮助我学习英语

I need help with my English homework.

I will help you with your housework.(我将会帮你做家务.)

helpwith 有助于1 Parents often give their time to help with classroom or after-school activities.家长经常抽时间帮助教务或其他课外活动.2 It 'll also limit your online time and even help with time-based billing for certain projects.同时,这款程序还

he is a student of high school,他是一位高中生.

I would like to help with you English.

they help with the housework他们帮忙做家务

省略help 后面的可以,前面的如果有是不能省略的.

To help with the publicity and so on? 找个代理为我们做宣传之类的活动.


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