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information desk 问询台,信息服务处,问讯处.造句 I worked at the information desk last month as a volunteer.翻译: 我上个月在信息台当 志愿者.开心快乐每一天!

online[英][nlan][美][:nlan]adj.在线的; 联网的; 联机的; You can chat to other people who are online.你可以和其他在线的人聊天.information[英][nfmen][美][nfrmen]n.消息; 信息,数据; 通知; 知识; Pat refused to give her any information about Sarah.帕特拒绝向她提供任何关于萨拉的消息.

The telephone rang and Pat answered it. 电话响了,Pet去接电话

Can you can a can as a canner can can a can.

There is a bed, the top with my favorite plush toy. There is a desk. There is a computer, I can search information on the Internet. There's bookcase, there is my favorite novels. There is a sofa. There is a chair.

We have all the information necessary此句更常说:We have all the necessary information 做后置定语的语言材料有:形容词词组 a bag full of books不定式(短语) nothing

在招待会上Visitors are asked to sign in at reception.来客请在接待处登记.Provided by jukuuNot many have the time to meet the interns at reception, introduce them to everyone and show them the canteen.没有多少人有时间接待实习生,把他们介

英文中第二人称的物主代词. 主格:you(复数you) 宾格:you(复数you) 形容词性物主代词:your(复数:your) 名词性物主代词:yours(复数:yours) 反身代词:yourself(复数:yourselves) Your is the second person possessive

1.I hit a ball very far.我把球击得很远.2.I am about to eat dinner. 我正在考虑去吃晚饭.3.He is making his way.他正在前进.

1.graduate from (从毕业) a. Simon graduated from a technical school. b. The students graduated from secondary school. c. My sister graduated from sthe college. 2.further one's study (深造,继续学习) a. I further my study in the college. b.


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