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用morE thAn造句简单

造句:1. She looks more beautiful than her elder sister.2. The old man walk much more slowly than his young son.

more than 不是解释为多于吗?回答 more than意思是“不仅仅是”,解释为多于时more后面还要有其他的词,也就是morethan.如:I have more books than you. 我的书比你的多.追问 morethan解释为比要,不仅仅,我们老师说的.回

你要表达的意思很清楚:在周末乘机度假通常是一周中最昂贵的.这种句子涉及到形容词的最高级的问题.正确形式:Trying to fly on weekend is always the most expensive in a week.如果要用“more than”,正确形式:Fly on weekend is always more expensive than on weekdays.

1. He is more than 5 years old. 他超过5岁. The river is more than 3,000meteres.那条河有3,000多米.2.English weekly is more than a newspaper. 英语周报不仅仅是一份报纸 The teacher is more than my friend. 你老师不仅仅是我的朋友.3. I love

There are more than 40 students in my class.I collect more than 300 stamps.

this computer's memory is two times more than the other one

more than 超过; 不只是; 很; 在…次以上; 双语例句1 We know more than you do.我们比你知道的多.2 Some worth more than others.有些比其他的更值钱.3 More than one woman?需要的女人不只一个?4 More than I can eat.多到我吃不完.5 A man needs more than money.一个男人需要的不仅仅是金钱.

He is more diligent than clever. 如果说他聪明不如说他睿智

I have more than enough food .The amount of money she have is more than you can imagine.


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