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The time i woke up this morning was already 7 o'clock. I immediately wased my face and rushed to the school without taking my breakfast.The time I reached school, I realized that I did not bring my homework. At that moment, I felt very anxious and

Today was a bad day.In the morning,when I got up,it had been seven o' clock.I thought I would definitely be late for school.So I washed my face and brushed my teeth very

A Bad DayIt was a bad day!When I was asleep,my dog was shouted at me,so that I couldn't still sleeping.When I got up and tried my new jeans,I was surprised at the hole of my jeans."It must be my dog!"

五一长假作文:on may day my elder brother,grand-mother,aunt and me went shopping, we bought: lollipops, bananas, ice creams, chocolates, milk, apples, peanuts, hot dogs and so on.on may second it was my birthday. i ate birthday cake and

my mother's day mother's day is a day to celebrate with all the mothers. it is a time to show our thanks to our mother. on my mother's day, i gave my mother a present and thanked her for taking care of me every day. then i asked her to take a rest for

Today the weather was fine, cloudless. After breakfast I wash a face to brush my teeth, and just as often forget, the ball cheerfully came to the park to play. Ah, like the often forget, there was a park with his uncle give me to play with. In fact, he was just

I had a very bad day yesterday. Everything went wrong. In the morning, my alarm clock didn't ring, so I woke up one hour later. When i was making breakfast, I burned my hand. Then I ran out of the

I dou't feel well today.It is cold these days and I get a bad cold .Every day I don't feel very good because my head hurt badly and I can't help coughing .The doctor tells me to

It was a really bad day.Because I lost my pocket money on the way to school. It was 10 yuan, but I couldn't have lunch without it.

I had a bad day!I got up late ,so I did'nt eat my breakfast.Then I went to school.It was raining,and I forgot taking my umbrella,it's too terrible!At twelve o'clock,I ate lunch,I just had some rice an


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