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soon 副词快; 立刻,马上; 一会儿,不久; 宁愿soon 同义词副词presentlybefore longshortlypromptlyquicklydirectlysoon 反义词副词late

soon 美音:[su:n ] 英音:[su:n ] adv.立刻,不久,快,早,宁愿 难易程度:soon为小学词汇 词频:454 词形变化:副词比较级:sooner 最高级:soonest 近义词, 同义词 temporarily for the moment for a time awhile soon early briefly at short

形容词nervous:紧张的1. easily agitated2. causing or fraught with or showing anxiety 同义词:anxious, queasy, uneasy, unquiet3. of or relating to the nervous system 同义词:neural4. excited in anticipation 同义词:aflutter5. unpredictably

expectation --- anticipation 期望 eliminate ---- preclude 排除 reclusive ---- secluded/cloistered 隐居的,与世隔绝的 disdain ---- despise/misprize/contempt 蔑视 private ---- intimate 私密的 reminiscence ---- retrospection 回忆 词性也能对应上~还有问题共同探讨 希望回答对你有帮助

be susceptible to:对…敏感;易患…;易受…影响 susceptible 英 [s'septb()l] 美 [s'sptbl] adj. 易受影响的;易感动的;容许…的 n. 易得病的人 短语1、be especially susceptible to 很容易冲动地去2、be very susceptible to satire 对讽



in anticipation of the estimated offer,we remain with 在预期的报价,我们仍然重点词汇释义in anticipation of期待着…;预计到…estimated估计的; 估算的; 预计的; 估计,评价,评估( estimate的过去式和过去分词 ); 估计,估量,预算offer提供,给予; 提出,提议; 出价,开价; 表示愿意; 提议; 企图,想要; 供奉; 试图; 求婚remain with属于,归于

无奈-Resignation,helpless 奢望-extravagant hopes 期盼-anticipation 谎言-lies 枷锁-fetters

i know that one day i don't have anticipation是我知道有一天我没有预料到的意思


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