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AttEmpt At造句

make an attempt to do尝试做某事make an attempt (at )doing 试图做某事

make an attempt at doing sth 试图、打算做某事Another way of looking at this is to make an attempt at discovering the authorialintent.看待这个问题的另一种方法是试着发掘作者的意图.make an attempt to do

They do not make any attempt to escape.They do not attempt to escape.

1.make an attemp: He (make an attemp)t at escaping. 他试图逃跑 2.critical : now,(critical )juncture,we have doing something .

1.popularShe is a popular girl. 她是一个招人喜欢的姑娘.收起更多词典 2.moderate He holds moderate opinions. 他的意见稳健不偏激. 3.strengthen We should strengthen administrative management. 我们应加强行政管理. 4.urgent Something

make an attempt at[英][meik n tempt t][美][mek n tmpt t]打算,试图; 例句:1.When you make an attempt to change your habits, you feel more comfortable just saying you'regoing to do it than actually doing it. 你努力改你的的候

photograph造句:1、The photograph agrees with the original. 照片跟原物(或本人)一模一样 2、She moves-and the photograph becomes film. 她在动,于是照片变成影片了 3、One complete circular track appears in the lower part of the

sat mat pat ate fat mate late plate

1,Did angthing emerge from your discussion?2,Nothing will prevent him from succeeding.3,He persisted in asking question.4,Do you mean to say you have never heard of Beethoven.5,we expect a great deal with you, Tome.6,My hands smell of

Even though he tried, he still lagged behind other runners.尽管他努力了,仍落在其他赛跑者之后.We mustn't let up, even though we're winning.我们即使快赢了也决不可松劲.The poster wouldn't stick even though I drenched it with glue.我涂了大量


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