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BE AssoCiAtED with造句

I am satisfied with your work She is addict to computer games Don't make fun of disabled people

◆be associated with 是个词组,意思是:和…联系在一起;与……有关,与……有关系 ●相关的短语:be closely associated with 密切联系 lead to be associated with 相联系 be associated with high fever 伴有高热 例句:In this view, new parameters to be associated with a new element 在这个视图中,新的参数将被关联到一个新元素上.

I am satisfied with your answer.我很满意你的答案.

和…联系在一起;与…有关 and Of

Actions must be consistent with words. 说的和做的要一致.You are not consistent with yourself. 你自相矛盾.Another system may be found which is also consistent with the equation. 也符合这个方程的另一个系统可能会被发现.

I am not satisfied with the present situation. 我对现状根本不满意.

May your life be blessed with joy. 祝你生活愉快.


1.I'm not familiar with her . 2.We are familiars of the Chinese Embassy. 3.He is familiar with the chemistry of metals. 4.I'm quite familiar with cooking. 5.We are all familiar with English. 6.These Indian guest are familiar with this book. 7.Are you

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