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越来约好 The more,the better变得更好 get better更好 be better

would be better 表示“.会更好”,往往单独成句,不直接跟动词连用.如:This car would be better.也可跟从句,如It would be better that if you can come today.其他常用句式 This one would be better than that one.would better + 动词原形与 had

(1)had better do sth.最好做某事 (2)had better to do sth.和had better doing sth.这两种形式都错误,不存在

be better 更好些; [例句]It must be better to be able to offer them love and security 要是能给予他们关爱和安全感肯定会更好.

单独说be better语法上没有错.be better单独使用时是祈使句,be better=you be better,祈使句中可以将you省略,表示意思是希望更好一些.1、be(英 [bi] 美 [bi] ) v.是;有,存在;做,成为;发生 aux.用来表示某人或某物即主语本身,用来

be better at (是 be good at 的比较级): 擅长于……; 在……方面做得好.= do better in 好像没be better in 这种用法.He is good at maths , but he is better at English .也数学学得好,但他英语更好.加油!不明白再问!如果帮到你,请采纳,谢谢!

be better be stronger 是比较级的一种专门用法,固定结构,表示 “越. 越..".be better be stronger:更好更强大例句:1.It's likely that your rut will be replaced with a well-paved path leading to betterhealth and a stronger sense of well-being.很

be better at 是 be good at 的比较级,译为 在某方面比……更擅长 be better in 是迷惑你的

如果是It's good to do这个举行的话应该是better.没有It's good do句型.但如果是sb is good at句型,则后加名词、代词或动名词.



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