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be effective for是有效的1.Particle swarm optimization is an extremely simple algorithm that seems to be effective for optimizing a wide range of functions.粒子群优化是一个非

be excited about ( 为.. 感到激动 )be +形容词+about+sth.(名词or某件事)..about在此意思是“为…,对…”,后面接表原因的词be excited at ( 因…而兴奋or激动 )be +形容词/过去分词+ at .其中at 表示 “ 情绪、情感的原因,或对某物具有某种感情 ”

be sure to do be sure of sth.\doing sth.be sure that +从句

史蒂夫不像凯莉那样小心,这里的固定搭配是as.asasas的用法 asas意为"和……一样",表示同级的比较.使用时要注意第一个as为副词,第二个as为连词.其基本结构为:as+ adj./ adv.+as.例如:(1)this film is as interesting as that one.

be careful about/of/with sth或者be careful about/in+doing sth皆为:小心,当心,警惕的意思be careful with glasses小心玻璃杯be careful of the dog,it sometimes bites people留心那条狗,有时候咬人be careful about/of what you say to him对他说话可得小心be careful about/in crossing the road过马路要留神he is very careful with his money他用钱很仔细

be covered with 覆盖 70%of the surface of the earth is covered with water . be busy with 忙于 I am busy with lessons these days. be worry about 担心 He is worry about his friend . be used to 习惯于 Marry is used with the life in shanghai . 不好意思,要休息了~~

Be generous to 对慷慨

固定搭配 be referred to被提及,被提交refer to 查阅 参考 提及 满意的话 望采纳 新年快乐奥

be effective in在方面是有效的双语对照例句:1.If the goal is profit, an outstanding manager will be effective in achieving a profit. 如果目标是可以获益的,那么杰出的管理者是能够做到有效获益这个目的的.2.He believed a 3 percent tax property tax will be effective in reining in housing prices. 他认为征收3%的房产税将有效遏制房价.


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