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BE likEly to Do列句

He's likely to go abroad.他很有可能出国.It's likely that he will go abroad.他很有可能出国

be likely to do表示“可能做某事”,不定式to do无法跟前面的系表结构分离出去而单独做成分,因为它在表意上,跟系表融为一体,不可分割.例如:It seemed to Rosicky that for good, honest boys like his, the worst they could do on the farm was

It is possible/likely/probable to do 只有likely可以用人作主语,其他只能用it作形式主语

I am likely to go shopping

We're likely to possess the most beautiful time of life.

be likely to do sth 译为有可能做某事 be likely to do 像做一些事 likely作形容词 例句:That 's likely to be a tough sell.这款产品很可能不好卖.likely do sth .译为大概..likely do相似的做事 likely做副词,主要用在most,或者very的后面.例句:They'll very likely come by car.他们很有可能会开车来.

It is likely to rain.要下雨了

I`m likely to be your husband.

likely一般作形容用,可以是sb./sth. be likely to do sth., 当然likely也可以作为副词,后面可以加动词,但用得少.所以语言的学习过程当中,还是要注意它的词性、意思、用法以及具体的语境.(精锐教育老师)

It is most likely for John to get marry this winter. 约翰很可能在今个冬天结婚


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