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BEComE ACCustomED to造句

I become accustome to loneliness我习惯了孤独

I am accustomed to having breakfast every morning. 我习惯每天早上吃早餐.

be accustomed to相当于 be used to,这里to都是介词,所以后面跟名词或动名词.accustom to do不正确.

we have been accustomed to living in new city

above to我不知道是什么意思.我用be accustomed to 给你造三个吧:1.I have been accustomed to my schoollife since I got here.2.You must learn to be accustomed to what you are living with.3.It is difficult to be accustemed to my present situation.

你好, They became great friends. 他们成了莫逆之交. He has become accustomed to his new duties. 他已经适应了新的职务.

Foot-ballers are accustomed to the handsome profit from bonuses. 但是我提醒一句doing something是动名词,就是把动词当成名词用,本质就是名词,也就是sth

doing morning exercises造句:He has become accustomed to doing morning exercises every day. 他每天晨练, 已经习以为常. 解析:造句,动词词语,是指用词语组织句子.今亦以指初等学校语文练习内容之一.词目:造句 基本:[sentence-making] 引证解释: 把词组织成句子.今亦以指初等学校语文练习内容之一

Be becoming 相称;适宜;合适 Become accustomed to; become used to 对..习以为常 Cause .. to become; make .. become 使..变成..To become a scapegoat 背黑锅 To become untied.被解开(或解下)

His lateness was due to the very heavy traffic on the motorway. 他迟到是因高速公路上车辆过多所致.I am accustomed to taking coffee.我习惯了喝咖啡It'time to face the truth. I feel like having some dumplings. 我很想吃饺子.The sea was quiet before the storm struck.暴风雨来袭前海面很平静.


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