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中间填much,整句话是 She is much better now. 中文意思是她感觉好多了~

下面这个地址就有咯 曲名:Wanna Be 歌手:Spice Girls Yo Tell you what I want If you want my future Forget my past If you wanna get with me Better make it fast Now don't


I'd better go home now. would better 最好

a lot /much/a little/都可以

歌曲名:Pay Attention (修女也疯狂2)演唱者:Performed by Valeria Andrews & Ryan Tobyhttp:// 迅雷下载If you wanna be somebody If you wanna go somewhere You better wake up and pay

土豆网上就有 www.tudou.com 插曲叫she said 歌词 In the morning light,she felt a new day coming in Opened her eyes in her quiet, favorite place There was no one there to break her heart There was no one there to make her laugh And she- She

嘿嘿虽然不多,但是首首都是经典啊.希望你会喜欢.[经典第一波:]01 )time to rock (很多人极力推荐的DJ,不得不听呀!)02 )yeah - 亚瑟小子 (超级好听!)03 )walking in the sun04 )Dance Now (凤舞九天5开场曲)05 )sound of my

01 It's All About Me 02 Rainy Day 03 Rock Star 04 Fearless 05 Fabulous 06 Bratitude 07 Heartburn 08 Out From Under 09 Go Go 10 It Doesn't Get Better Than This 11 Open Eyes 12 Love Is Wicked 13 Saying Goodbye 14 Express Yourself 15 My Life 16 Tell Me 17 Now Or Never 18 In Crowd 19 Invisible 20 Alter Ego


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