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By AnD lArgE正式吗

by and large[英][bai nd l:d][美][ba nd lrd]大体上; 总的来说,大体而言; 大致如此; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.By and large I can think of one recent exception japan is absent from such events. 对此类活动,日本基本是缺席的(我能想到的最近一次活动除外).2."By and large, borrowers have to pay a premium," says mr gallagher. 加拉格尔说:“总的来说,借方需要支付相对较高的利息.”

可以的,意思大体上1They were, by and large, a very wealthy, privileged elite. 他们基本上是一些非常有钱有势的精英.《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》2Taking it by and large, the conditions of employment are good. 从大体上说来,就业条件是

1,by and large 大体上,总的来说 用作状语2,basically,主要地; 从根本上说,是一个副词

by and large [简明英汉词典]adv.大体上, 基本上

by and large 总体来说 大体上说 正解哈~

by and large 一般是放在句首意为总的说来这样更好 by and large,if anything in turn.一般说来,风水轮流转.

by and large adv. 大体上, 基本上

你好!chinese by and large number of people在中国,大量的人



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