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Too Much Food in Beijinghttp://toomuchfoodinla.blogspot.com/2009/03/old-beijing-snacks-4-nai-lao.html chinese snackhttp://www.google.cn/search?hl=zh-CN&newwindow=1&ei=-I_tSceuDYTi7APvtMzdAw&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=1&ct=result&

肉夹馍:Meat clip buns 凉皮: cold noodle

-Shaanxi Sandwich (Stuff Chinese bread with cooked pork)-Steamed Cold Noodles据说是陕西商务厅决定的本土小吃洋名字~

我..知..道 加..我..私..聊

1.从小贩买来的肉2.妓女 街上拉客那种


chines restaurant中国餐厅restaurant 英[restrnt] 美[restr:nt] n. 餐馆; 饭店; 饭馆; 菜馆; [例句]They ate in an Italian restaurant in Forth Street.他们在第四大街的一家意大利餐馆吃了饭.[其他] 复数:restaurants

There are four major cooking styles in China: Sichuan, Cantonese, Shandong and Huaiyang, each distinctly different. Restaurants in Beijing cater to all these regional styles. Sichuan (Chuan) Cuisine Sichuan cuisine is distinctly spicy. Chili peppers

肉夹馍 [词典] marinated meat in baked bun; Chinese hamburger; [例句]虽然这种中国街头小吃和我们美利坚的汉堡大不相同,肉夹馍被称为世界上第一只汉堡.Despite the differences between this Chinese street food and our American-style burgers, the rou jia mo has been called the world's first hamburger.、


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