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compressions 英[k mp're nz] 美[k mp're nz] n. 胸部按压(compression的复数); 压实作用; 压型化石; [例句]The new way is C-A-B& for compressions, airway, and breathing.新的方法是C-A-B,也就是按压、气道和人工呼吸.[其他] 形近词: oppressions impressions repressions 双语例句 百度知道

have class的过去式:had class-- Lan Lan: Look how dirty you are, I knew you must have had sports class. 兰兰:看你身上这么脏,我就知道有体育课.-- Had our class system been replaced by a caste system? 社会的阶级制度是否已被种姓制度

这是2007年3月27日的VOA special English健康报道中的内容,题为《Chest Compressions May Be Most Important Part of CPR》(即“胸外按压很可能是心肺复苏中最为重要的部分”)第一段全文:Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, can

[图文] " Terrified,Katz immediately gave her husband CPR. "I started pushing down on the compressions (压缩) and was just screaming and saying'Are you OK? Are you still with me ? '"she said.

CPR:"Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation" ,也作"Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation "是心肺复苏的英语写法.心肺复苏是抢救心搏、呼吸停止患者生命的急救技术.一般的,狭义上指包括人工呼吸和胸外心脏按压在内的徒手复苏技术.“

[图文] mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing, you can perform Hands-Only CPR. You can do chest compressions(压迫) that help to keep blood flowing to the brain and the heart. To perform the compress


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