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参考答案:confirms是及物动词,可以接宾语,或者宾语从句.譬如:please write to confirm your reservationCan you confirn what happened?祝您学习进步,阿弥陀佛!

直接 confirm();就行了. 他的返回值根据点击 yes or no 返回 true false 直接接收就行了 var result =confirm("确定吗?"); if(result ==true) { //处理 } else {//处理 } 还有问题可以hi我~

if (confirm("are you sure?")){location.url = "a.html";} else location.url = "b.html";


a=confirm("#"); if(a==true) document.location="#"; else document.location="#2";

continue doing sth 确定做某事 例句用法1、His new role could confirm him as one of our leading actors. 他的新角色会确保他跻身我们的一流演员之列.2、Further scans are required to confirm the diagnosis of an abnormality. 需要进一步扫描来确诊是否出现异常病变.3、Earlier reports were unable to confirm that there were any survivors. 早先的报道无法证实是否有幸存者.

<script type = "text/javascript" language = "javascript"> function clear1() { if(confirm("确定要清空数据吗?")) { document.main.text1.value = ""; } } </script><body><form name="main"> <input type="text" name="text1" /> <input type="button" name="Submit" value="清空数据" onClick="return clear1();"></form></body>clear是js中的保留字

&lt;script language="javascript"&gt; //验证时间格式 YYYY-MM-DD/YYYY,MM,DD function isDate(date){ var regu = "^[0-9]{4}-([0-1]?)[0-9]{1}-([0-3]?)[0-9]{1}$"; var re = new RegExp(regu); if (date.search(re) != -1) return true; else return false;

window.confirm 参数就只有一个.显示提示框的信息.按确定,返回true;按取消返回false. &lt;script&gt; var bln = window.confirm("确定吗?"); alert(bln) &lt;&#47;script&gt;

confirm() 方法用于显示一个带有指定消息和OK 及取消按钮的对话框. 如果用户点击确定按钮,则confirm() 返回true.如果点击取消按钮,则confirm() 返回false. 在用户点击确定按钮或取消按钮把对话框关闭之前,它将阻止用户对浏


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