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But some people get a cough that lasts longer. 但有些人会有咳嗽并持续很长时间.

We learn "cough,hurt,passenger,into and trouble"today.!楼主看我牛b不!

1.The cat annoies me very much.2.Perhaps I am late for school.3.Chinese have great etiquettes to visitors.4.His behaviour is so bad at school.5.Her voice sounds sweet.6.This event has a bad influence on public.7.I got a serious cough yesterday.8.

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When it comes to art, few people know much more than Tom. Poor weather can make people take part in the procession. Many mothers try to achieve their daughters their dream. Cough medicines do not unpalatable, but I have nothing to use. A

1 There are certainly problems with health care.2 The interviewer was a small man with a tired expression.3 Blindness is a great handicap4 Her death affected me deeply5 The earth here is mostly clay.6 All the books have been cased for shipping7

1.They aren't Asians.他们不是亚洲人.2.I feel very uncomfortable.我感到很不舒服.3. It is impolite of you to help the old man .帮助这位老年人,你太有礼貌了.4.The teacher allows us to play basketball after school .老是允许我们放学后打篮球.

1 I will not cough up2 I am surprised that he won first place3 When to test, I always feel very nervous4 in English and mathematics I am better at math than up5, good for our health

1 If a minor illness, fever, cough a few days you can hold on. 2 You no longer have to worry about high price of the house.


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