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The Importance of CreativityThe importance of creativity in our personal lives can't be underestimated.Creativity is a part of who we are and how we express ourselves in everyday life.How creativity i

creativity based on basic skills is a dynamic performance of basic skills, we coundnt play creativity perfectly without basic skill, so i think basic skills is more important than creativity

下文是根据你的大意写的,请随意修改,别忘了采纳.Creativity is a precious,powerful strenghth among the human beings.Creational ideas and works have built the world we

we can point out that their tone of voice or gestures are communicating a different message and invite them to confide in us. When we feel slighted by a backhanded compliment, it is important that we calmly explain how the jibe made us feel and

Recently,a lot of people are talking about a topic,do a thing to actually is an important some creativity,or organized and plan a few more important.

1 first .second.third.fourth2 nowadays, creativity plays an increasingly important role3 For an individual, creativity can let you get advantage in the increasingly powerful

1中国,scores很重要,但毕业后creativity 却显得更重要.2在学习和读书的过程中不能忽视对creativity 的培养3在国外,children很小就开始培养creativity ,长大后动手能力强,又能帮助动脑思维,他们的车库就是他们培养creativity 的地方4如果scores很高,而creativity 不行,很难适应现在的社会,因为书本上的知识不足以帮你了解这个社会,立足于这个社会5在某种程度上creativity 比scores更重要,创造先于发展

hi:in my opinion, creativity and basic skills are both important, because, somehow your ability of creativity is based on your basic skills. that is to say solid and strong basic skills leads to successful creativity.having idea of creativity without mastering

Creativity (or creativeness) is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts,or new associations between existing ideas or concepts.From a scientific


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