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DEAl with同意短语

你好!dispose of 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

I don't know what to do with it.

1.What happened to him yesterday?= What was wrong with him yesterday?= What = What was his trouble yesterday?2.deal with = handle = treat = refer to = do with 对待/处

This chapter deals with the problem of inflation. 本章论述通货膨胀问题. I'll deal with the children later. 孩子们的事由我以后去处理. I'm used to dealing with matters of this sort. 我惯于处理此类问题. I'll deal with you when I get home from the office! 我下班回家后再来收拾你. We deal with many customers. 我们与许多客户有生意往来.

Agree with somebody,/Agree on something,it takes somebody sometime to do something/,spend sometime in doing something.agree 英[gri:] 美[ri] vt. 同意,赞同; vi. [语] 一致,符合; 商定,约定; 意见相合; (气候、食物等) 适

解决这个难题的最好办法 The best way to deal with this problem.

第一句错误. do with 常与连接代词 what 连用,而 deal with 常与连接副词 how 连用,如: 1 . I don't know how they deal with the problem . (= I don't know what they do with the problem . )我不知道他们如何处理这个问题. 2 . He is easy to

还有:do with

do with 表示“处置”、“忍受”、“相处”、“有关”等 deal with 意义很广,常表示“对付”、“应付”、“处理”、“安排”、“论述”、“涉及”等

不是一个意思.deal with 是动词短语,在句中的意思是“对付”、“应付”、“处理”、“安排”、“论述”、“涉及”等.deal词性比较多,做不及物动词时的意思是“处理”、“对待”等,做及物动词时意思是“分配”、“给与”等,做名


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