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it takes an awful lot of determination and dedication (它)需要/要有坚定的决心和很大的投入.

in some books, some authors would like to dedicate the book to somebody. They are usually written in the first few pagesFor example, for a technical book, the author may write a dedication note like:-to my father;who instilled the importance of an incessant inquiry for knowledge

modesty, and dedication. His name creeps into people's hearts, daily conversation, music, ev 谦虚、奉献.他的名字悄然爬上人们的心灵,日常会话、音乐、电动汽车

1.ignore2.worry3.gradually4.persuade5.at last6.damage7.devote8.shock9.tired and hungry10.before schooling lets out11.be engrossed in12.once a time

一、 遵纪守法,忠于职守,爱岗敬业. 二、 维护公司声誉,保护公司利益. 三、 服从领导,关心下属,团结互助. 四、 爱护公物,勤俭节约,杜绝浪费. 五


The dedication of our lives it? I think it is. First of all: the value of life lies in constant self-sacrifice, to contribute to society, society can develop rapidly. Second: The society is a big group, should be a collective-based, self-sacrifice, to do its power.




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