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department store [英][dip:tmnt st:][美][dprtmnt str] n.百货公司; 百货商店; 复数:department stores 例句:1.In the sports attire section of a nearby department store, qi tong scoffs at suchreasoning. 在附近的百货商店的运动装

department store英 [dip:tmnt st:] 美 [dprtmnt str] n.百货商店;百货公司复数: department stores1In a big department store, there are numerous departments selling different kinds of goods. 大百货公司里有许多部门分售各类商品.2He volunteered to serve as the manager of our department store. 他自荐当我们商场的经理.

音标是[ di'p:tmnt ][ st] department [di'p:tm?nt] store [st?:, st??] 采纳啊

department store 英[dptmnt st(r)] 美[dprtmnt str]

mall指的是步行街商场,是一个概念;department store是指百货商店 department store [countable] a large shop that is divided into separate departments, each selling a different type of good 一个大的商店,分成不同的区域卖不同的东西 mall [

department store[美国英语]百货公司,百货商店department store n.a large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise; commonly part of a retail chain祝你开心如意!O(∩_∩)O~~

department store :百货公司

department的意思是:部;部门;系;科;局department 读法 英 [d'ptm()nt] 美 [d'prtmnt]短语:1、design department 设计部门2、business department 营业部3、department of education 教育部;教育系4、police department 警察

department store是百货公司的意思hospital是医院的意思

department store 有卖衣服,园艺用品,钳子扳手,轮胎 等等等super market 一半只有衣服和简单的生活必须品



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