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07年补遗.一部观感异常奇怪的片子 概括说来就是三个字"不舒服" .当年花了3次才终于看完 看的时候本以为是很早期70年代拍的 没想到居然是99年 但现在看来也没那么差 因为至少虽然过了4年 我依然还是觉得此片很诡异.希望不是错觉

歌曲名:Desecration Smile歌手:Red Hot Chili Peppers专辑:Desecration SmileRed Hot Chili Peppers-Desecration Smileby Hung-ChiehAll alone I'm by myselfAnother girl bad for my healthI've seen it all thru someone else(Another girl bad for my


歌曲名:Desecration Smile (Album Version)歌手:Red Hot Chili Peppers专辑:Stadium ArcadiumRed Hot Chili Peppers-Desecration Smileby Hung-ChiehAll alone I'm by my

your smile bandari desecration smile love psychedelico last smile JOE When I see your smile kevin kern love's first smile 看看哪一首是吧


destroy vt. 1、毁坏,破坏 2、杀死,消灭3、打破(希望、计划);使失败 catastrophe n. [C] 1、大灾,大祸,大灾难 2、大败,惨败 3、翻天覆地的事件 4、(悲剧或其他文学作品的)结局 doom n. [U][S1] 1、厄运,毁灭,死亡2、【宗】末日审

disrespect our ancestors. 对我们的祖先的不敬.

Notre Dame de Paris is a Gothic cathedral on the eastern half of the le de la Cité in Paris, France, with its main entrance to the west. It is the cathedral of Paris and the seat of the Archbishop of that city. Notre Dame de Paris is widely considered

歌曲名:From Belial歌手:Dead Head专辑:The Feast Begins At DawnOn this night, we have some offerings to be doneEvil blood runs in our veinsSacrifice, we have to kill the bastard sonWe'll give our lives, Belial reignschorus: Sent to


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