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distortingv.扭曲; 曲解; 歪曲( distort的现在分词 ); 使变形; un-distorting不变形

the answers to these questions have to do with the function of art in society today. 这些问题的答案与现在艺术在社会中的功能密切相关

trade distorting 贸易62616964757a686964616fe4b893e5b19e31333236373839干扰trade related restrictive or trade distorting effect 贸易限制或贸易反常作用 restrictive trade 限制贸易 trade distorting device 贸易干扰手段 trade distorting deuice

trade-distorting effect贸易扭曲作用

distorting mirror变形镜面,哈哈镜(影像畸变的镜子)

be removed from 意为: 从……剔除;从…移除 例句筛选1.That officer must be removed from his position.那位军官必须免职.2.At this point, the user account information can be removed from the client system and be obtained from the LDAP directory.现在,用户帐号信息可以从客户机系统中删除并从LDAP目录中进行获取了.


Down The Rabbit Hole :掉进兔子洞,钻进兔子洞,狡兔三窟 ;Going down the rabbit hole :沉沦于这迷幻的世界 ;Back Down the Rabbit Hole :重游兔穴 ;So, when Burton signed on to make Alice in Wonderland, there was little doubthe

leave untouched的中文翻译leave untouched不动的


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