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(1.) be divided into 显然主语是动作的承受者,而 separate from 主语是动作的发出者.(2.)意思上不一样.前者是“被分成、被划分成”,后者是“脱离、分离”.不懂可以继续追问欧,希望你能采纳,谢谢

separate 把原来连在一起或靠近的“分隔开来”,常与from搭配.The Taiwan Straits separates Taiwan from Fujian.台湾海峡把台湾和福建隔开了.Please separate the white shirt from the colored ones.请把白衬衫与其他颜色的衬衫分开.divede

there can be no knowledge apart from practise? 没有知识能脱离练习的 是第二个 谢谢哈


divided into 加数词,我确定的至于divide to ,我查字典,没有这个词组啊

Now, most British people is the Anglo-Saxon.Anglian, Saxon ancient Germanic tribes are in northern branch Jutland, Denmark and Germany's islands northwest coast.In the 5th century -- the sixth century, the angles, Saxon two people have the

divide sth by something:被.分开divide sth into:把.分成例句:We will divide the students into six groups.我们将把学生分成六组.His study was divided from the living room by a thin wooden partition.他的书房是用薄隔板从客厅分隔而成的.

从意思上区分 devide by 被.划分 devide from 从.里面划分 devide into划分为

abandoned a. 形容词1.被放弃的; 被遗弃的There was an abandoned house by the riverside. 河边有一所无人居住的房子.2.寡廉鲜耻的; 恣意放荡的live an abandoned life 过放荡的生活3.无约束的He let out a shriek of abandoned laughter. 他尖

separate from 把一堆东西的一部分分出来.比如说,把一堆苹果中的烂苹果挑出来.divide into 把一个整体分开.比如说,把一个蛋糕切开.


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