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EliminAting povErty

This aid programme aims at eliminating poverty.

the main duty of our government is to be committed to eliminating poverty ,diseases and illiteracy

As adolescents, having a meaningful impact on the world can seem like an impossible and daunting task for the simple fact of being kids. Changing the world does not only mean finding a cure for cancer, eliminating poverty, or finding the origin of

消除贫困,疾病与文盲”英文翻译Eradicate poverty, disease and illiteracy"

The increase of private cars has brought more and more serious air pollution and traffic jams in our city, especially in the rush hour.So I think it's time to promote the green travel at present. In my opinion, first, we'd better not travel by car unless it

花很长时间、费很大事,或任重道远的意思.从你例句来看,前面比较合适,可译成“要解释清楚为什么门罗现在没有开一家爵士乐俱乐部,可真不是件容易事/可真要费一番口舌”了.但很多时候,还是后面的意思更常见,比如IT WOULD GO A LONG WAY TOWARD ELIMINATING POVERTY IN THE WORLD,要在世界上消除贫困可是任重道远啊.

"Hope Project" was designed and launched by the Government of China in early 1996 with the sole objective of eliminating poverty in the vast/remote rural areas of China mainly by developing educational projects there. Thus this "Hope Project

The Shortcut of Self-Employment 自谋职业的捷径The most important step to ending poverty is the creation of employment and income opportunities for the poor. While insufficient infrastructure and often inefficient markets in the lesser-developed

in united states, the charity organisations play an important role in culture & education, medical care, protection of women & children wellfare, senior services, poverty elimination, employment, migration, environmental protection, assistance of


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