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epidemic 英[epdemk] 美[pdmk]n.流行病; 迅速的传播、生长或发展; 风尚等的流行; adj.流行性的; 极为盛行的;

Everyone suffers from disease at some time or another. However, millions of people around the world do not have good health care. Sometimes they have no money to pay for medical treatment. Sometimes they have money, but there is no doctor.


epidemics explained 流行病讲解

epidemic(名词) : 一般在医学相关的文书中用来指突发+快速病发的疫病,亦引申为突发+快速的灾难 例:an influenza epidemic(流感疫病), an epidemic of strikes (突发大罢工潮) 因此epidemic(形容词)同时带有突发+快速发展/成长

the idea 指的是social epidemics are driven in large part by the acting of a tiny minority of special individuals,这个观点.前面的argue表明Malcolm Aladuell 持这个观点.often called influentials是插入语,who are unusually informed, persuasive, or well-connected是定语从句

carry the same weight是什么意思是英语的意思.

there are inevitabilly flooding whenever and whereever happens in the world. we all know it is a naturall disaster which causes pollution of drinking water, destroying or damaging the landscape (landslides) and structures, particaulary to the buildings

感恩节(每年一次的全国性节日,庆祝方式有宗教仪式和包括火鸡在内的传统大餐;节日源自1621年英国清教徒先辈们为庄稼丰收而举行的庆祝活动,在美国是11月的第四个星期四,在加拿大是10月的第二个星期一) 请及时采纳,不懂继续问( 天天在线 )(*^__^*) 祝学习进步! 谢谢!



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