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动词,检查,调查,考试,检测 examine in 考(某人)在某一学科上所具有的知识 examine on 考(某人)在某一问题上所具有的知识 examine 指“仔细调查或审查”, 如∶ the doctor examined him carefully. 医生仔细检查了他的身体.inspect

examine的英语解释是:to look at (a person or thing ) closely , in order to find out something.它主要指通过仔细地观察以找出问题.如My bag was examined carefully when I entered the country.inspect的英语解释是:①to examine (the details of

检查 动词 有两个词性 就省得再造一个词 省事呗

examine [i'zmin]

一、词义辨析不一样 examine v. 检查,审查 〔辨析〕表示仔细、彻底地查看某物,以便发现更多信息.〔例证〕The police will have to examine the only piece of physical evidence for fingerprints.警察得检查这唯一的物证有没有指纹.test v. 测验

examine: [ ig'zmin ] 1. The doctor examined her carefully. 医生仔细检查了她的身体. 2. The policeman who was sent down to examine, says me house has been broken open on the most scientific principles. 派来调查的警察说,我家的大门是根

examine sb(in/on sth)考,测验(某人)the students will be examined in all subjects at the end of term. 期末时学生须要参加所有学科的考试 check sth (for sth) to examine sth to see if it is correct, safe or satisfactory 检查;审查;检验 check the oil and

一个调查,一个是检查investigate 更正式一点-----------------investigate及物动词 vt. 1.调查,研究The detective was sent to investigate the crime. 那位侦探被派去调查该罪行. 不及物动词 vi. 1.调查,研究[(+into)]The principal promised to

examine 英[gzmn]美[zmn]vt. 检查,调查; 考试; 诊察; 审问;vi. 检查; 调查;[例句]We need to examine into details.我们必须详细检查.[其他] 第三人称单数:examines 现在分词:examining 过去式:examined 过去分词:examined 形近词: diamine monoamine alamine


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