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Fright thE virus歌词


歌曲名:Virus歌手:文熙俊专辑:Best∶ A Soaring For DreamVirusHEAVENLYby:ZAKI try to enter deep insideAnd devour everythingAll I need is power"To take control till destroying

(I want to see your sign everything I wanteverybody take it to the shining star)我不是在屋内银阁寺(我真的不知道你 )在我看来 你从火星你(我想你你来自金星 )知识 我们有一些不同的频率我想知道你想要什么(我真的想知道你 )我试图做更

歌曲名:Virus歌手e68a84e8a2ad3231313335323631343130323136353331333332633036:Bjork专辑:BiophiliaBjrk - VirusLike a virus needs a bodyAs soft tissue feeds on bloodSome day I'll find you - the earth is thereOoo-ooo-ooo-ooohOoo-

火星病毒 (I want to see your sign everything I wanteverybody take it to the shining star)twe干敏干你so ge莫路给sono玩so Aso on等满哈度we soo第嘎莫嘎we呢qu怕苏嘎干啦爱过西破你嘎莫忘奶呢几安带海呢内干莫一桑哈你一龙内mo苏自feel

歌曲名:Happy Virus 歌手:高耀太 专辑:The Koyote In Ballad Special Best Album 2000 - 2005014. happy virus - Son Ho Young 爱情 有时知道 又有时不知道的故事 爱情 说也说不完的故事 爱情 可是最好的故事 说来听听 你的爱情故事 知不知道

歌曲名:Virus歌手:Rude Awakening专辑:Scaring The Paper PeopleVIRUSDURAN DURANI am the virus,I am a siren in the rain.SH~I am a courier bring thespiral into your brain.Alter connections, encoding now,intial sequence is loading

英文的:So this is love In the end of December Quiet nights Quiet stars And I'm here Monday to Sunday Cause you're fragile And I'm weak So you fall When the nights grow longer Into sleep And won't wake up And I'm here I'm sitting Beside you

歌曲:love virus 专辑:Typhoon -Vol.1-Troika 歌手:Typhoon台风 Let the water come She's the only one I love Let the fat man draw She's the sweetest honey pot Will they see the sky again? Who will sing they're blues for them? Let the factory's rust

Dr.bieberDr.bieberDoc doc doc Dr.bieberBieber fever is spreading across the country (Dr.bieber)Wet world no universe Bieber fever is rapidly spreading It is uncurable i repeatIt is uncurableDr.bieber[chorus x2]Dr.bieberDoc doc doc Dr.bieberDr.


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