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givE oFF翻译

1.散发.发出光、树枝发杈什么的2.放出.give him off 放了他

发出 放出 散发 释放!

give off: 发出(光等) v. 放出,排出 例句与用法 1. All the radioactive materials give off the harmful radioactive which can be deadly at high levels. 所有这些放射性材料都放出有害的射线,小则致癌,大能致死. 2. When wine is fermented it

give off 1. 发出(光等);长出(枝、杈等)2. give off同义词 give out散发出 (气体、热量或气味)例:natural gas, which gives off less carbon dioxide than coal. …天然气的二氧化碳排放量少于煤.3. Osmanthus blossoms give off [exhale] a richperfume.桂花发出浓郁的芳香.

give sth off 送出或发出某物 give off 发出(光等);长出(枝、杈等)新年快乐,如果帮到你,请记得采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢!



give out 是分发 give off 是释放 意思不一样

长出 发出 散发出

give them off 放出他们 give them in 提交他们,使他们屈服,让步 give them back 归还他们 give them up 放弃他们


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