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lketid]1,inculcate 的过去式和过去分词式;反覆灌输2inculcated [n'k,教育;教诲,表示受过教育的,inculcated 作形容词、被灌输的、被洗脑的再看看别人怎么说的.

Respect teachers and schoolmates:Hello, the title of my speech today is "I have a dream!For a common dream we gather tonight, we inherit the veins of literature, we carried

你好!instill knowledge,idea into one's head infuse some medicine or tea into water 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

with great care,中文意思:小心翼翼地、非常仔细地、非常慎重地with great care是“with + 名词”结构做伴随状语,表示行为的伴随状况.with care(小心地、仔细地)表示行为是“小心翼翼”的、“非常慎重”的great(重大的、伟大的),形容词,修饰名词care(小心),表示care的特征例句:the old doctor handles his cases with great care.(这位老医生诊病非常细心)

老师眼中的我 “你敢于表现自己,自信、不怯场.”语文老师对我说.我是从小就爱出风头、自信满满的这样一个人.因为我认为世人都会青睐极其自信且有胜利者气度的人,总是喜欢以必胜的信心期待成功的人. “每个人都希望自己能成功

I still clearly remember when the hearts of a wonderful dream . But with age , I gradually discovered that dream on that bumpy road , too many stumbling blocks became my reason halfway , dreams become fragmented , I was a dreamer loser.When

在我们的生活中,沟通无处不在.当爸爸妈妈不理解你的时候;当你和好友发生误解的时候;当你和远方的笔友通信的时候;当你和网友聊天的时候…… 你最需要的就是沟通.我们每个人在学会沟通前,首先得学会尊重、学会团结、学会关爱,

社会主义者不得不灌输一种精神,这种精神为防止国家的冷漠无视带来了罪犯,也为罪犯提供了最近的灯杆(或最方便的支柱)刚去 google了一下the nearest lamp-post,有个人问 为什么喝醉酒的人总是抓离他最近的灯杆.回答就是因为喝酒之后双腿无力,需要有东西支撑. 那么我觉得引申过来就是最方便的支柱,有什么事就第一个找the nearest lamp-post.仅是个人猜测.仅供参考

Teacher, hello! Time flies, Riyuerusuo, blink of an eye and we will work with you room to say goodbye! Remember when we were walking in the campus, a breath of fresh air; remember when we were in the light, listening to you inculcate. And now,

Live Life Life, it is precious. Nothing can be compared. It everyone is equal, everyone is just an opportunity, once lost, will not have a second time. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity to cherish and care for it!Person's life is very short, there is



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