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interviewer英 ['ntvju(r)] 美 ['ntrvjur] n.采访者;接见者;(面试时的)主考官


英文:be ready for ten interviewers questions 译文:为10个面试官问题做好准备. be ready for 为……做准备 [网络短语] be ready for 为,作好准备,准备好 be not ready for sth 不具备……的条件 Be ready for sth 为某事做好了准备,为某事做准

It was long before I decide to make a plan. It is essential for the better beginning's Some interviewers said that they are afraid of using graduates but unwilling to employ

interviewer 面试官 双语对照 词典结果:interviewer[英][ntvju:(r)][美][ntrvju:(r)] n.面试者; 会见者; 采访者; 复数:interviewers 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.He was tired and irritable, and when the interviewer goaded him

interviewer 英['ntvju:(r)] 美['ntrvju:r] n. 面试者;会见者;采访者 名词复数:interviewers [例句]but what is the best way to contact your interviewer? 但是什么才是联系面试官最好的方式呢


Last Saturday,I took part in an interview in which I applied for the assistant of New all he said made us feel uncomfortable.Thankfully,he must be failed because interviewers

释义是 在某方面有问题(困难) 类似的有 have difficulty/problems (in) doing sth 做某事有困难

不对.the lives of是 ……的 意思the name of是名叫, 称为, 以 的名字


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