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<<Introduce Myself>> Hello! My name is ****. I born in China and I'm ** years old. I have long and dark hair, black and gorgeous eyes, small pinky lips and one dimple on each sides of my cheek. My favourite colors are green and silver. Sushi

我刚刚临时帮楼主在网上扒了一篇范文下来,楼主可以参考一下的,希望对你有帮助!Introduce Myself(自我介绍) Hi,everyone!Let me introduce myself.Let's know each other. I was born in Liaoning.Liaoning is a beautiful place.There are many

Do you want to know me? Now let me introduct myself to you. I am a pupil, I have a happy family. Everyone loves me and I love them very much,too. I spend my most time on

We haven't all met before. So I want to introduce myself. My name is Wang Hong Yue. I'm fourteen. My hobby is reading . I think“A good book is a good friend”. I learn a lot of with book. I like a subject best. The subject is English. Do you know

> hello! my name is ****. i born in china and i'm ** years old. i have long and dark hair, black and gorgeous eyes, small pinky lips and one dimple on each sides of my cheek. my favourite colors are green and silver. sushi and pizza are my

Hello, I am a sixth grade elementary student, I am the joyful Geminigirl, this year 13 years old. Must ask our family has how many members, I can say: Four. Besides hasthe love I father and mother, I have also raised a dog, is a spot dog,is called Tony.

My name is Xu Fangyan. You can call me Betty. I'm a girl. I'm 13. I'm 154 centermeters tall.I'm in Xinqi Primary School.I'm in Class 1, Grade 6.My classmates are very nice to me.We often help each other,and learn from each other. I have many

I am . I was born in . I graduate from senior high school and major in English. I started learning English since I was 12 years old. My parents have a lot of American friends. That's why I have no problem communicating with Americans or others by

My name is Duan Ertu(It's not my real name).You can call me Tutu.I will be a middle school student so I am very excited about it.I want to be an actress,being an actress is my dream.Do you want to be an actress?If your answer is 'Yes',now let's

my self my name is **.I'm a girl/boy .I'm ** years old.I like play basketball.but I don't like play ping-pong.I'm a beautifnl/ positive girl/boy. I like English.but I don't like Geography.this is my.A beautiful/positive girl/boy. 我的名字叫**.我是一个女孩/男孩.


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