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Is it necessary to learn slangs?There is culture in every language, and a lot of culture is carried by slangs. For example, the offical language of China is Mandarin, but when you go to some places like Guangdong and Hong Kong, communication

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1.it 既可以做形式宾语也可以做形式主语. 在这里是做形式宾语,that没这种用法. 2.句子所说的是同个事情(water),用it指代说明,显得更加有阅读行.如果用that,那可以说是表示另一个事件. 我觉得这道题目最主要是考形式宾语it的用法.

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This是这个的意思.列:this is my book.比如两个人对话,对于两者都知道的东西一般是用The的.而This是近指,就是说这个.The是冠词,ad. [用于比较级,最高级前]art. 这(那),这(那)些用于已知的事物,地址,东西,等等名词前.例

因为是疑问句,在疑问句里,is 提前

GuangDong lies in the south of China. In spring, the weather is changeable. Sometimes it''s very cold, sometimes it''s very warm. In summer, it becomes hotter and hotter. The highest temperature is over 40~C. The autumn in GuangDong is very nice

My favourite city My parents are construction engineers, and their jobs take them wherever they are needed, usually from one city to another. I am their only child and live with them. In the past 15 years I have lived in quite a few cities, and of them all,

1 it is sunday today. 2 it is feburary, 21th. 3 I like Wuhan best.


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