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it is加形容词加to Do

意思是“(某人)做某事如何”.it是形式主语,(fot sb)to do sth 是真正的主语,形容词作表语.如: it's important for you to learn english well.

it is+形容词+of sb to do sth 是形容人的品质的,例如,it's kind of you to help me.it's nice of you to help me.而it is+形容词+for sb to do sth则是形容事物的性质的,例如,it impossible for me to finish the job.it's hard for him to give up smoking.这样说有点眉目了吗?

to do +形容词

it is +形容词 + of/for sb. + to do sth.如果句型中的形容词用来形容人的就用of,否则就用for 句型翻译:某人做什么事是怎么样的.造句:1.it is useful for me to learn a foreign language.学一门外语对我来说是很有用的.2.it is clever of the boy to do that.那个男孩那样做很聪明.


答案是:首先纠正一点的,就是这个词组中不能使用 副词的,只能是形容词,it is +形容词+for /of sb +to do sth 意思是:对于某人来说做某事是.(简单的,困难的,必要的等)比如:it is very necessary for us to develop a healthy eating habit ~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!~

it is difficult to learn English

it's good for us to exercise.it's difficult for me to learn english.


It's very important for you to learn English well.


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