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make the bed意思是铺床;整理床铺;整理被物.例句:1、I have to make the bed and do the laundry. 我得整理床铺和洗衣服.2、I had her make the bed. 我让她把床铺整理好了.3、I make the bed. 我整理床铺.4、You are old enough to make


make[mek] the[;] bed[bed]

你好,同学正确答案:一般现在时She often makes kites at weekendsI usually go to 一般过去时She made kites last weekend.I went to bed at 9:00 yesterday.I watched TV

make 和do,go,finish等等,都是非延续性动词.make the bed不是延续性动词

有,make beds

the是特指的某一个,在这里the相当于a ,bed是单数名词所以名词前要加the或a .而cards是复数所以名词前不用加the或a.

make the bed意思是整理床铺如I make the bed every morning by myself.意思是每天早晨我都自己整理床铺

I am making the bed.(用“I”做主语改为现在进行时)What are you doing?就"cleaning my teeth"提问)What is Tom doing?.(就“climbing the tree”提问)Where is she?就“in the garden”提问)


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