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in the end only three things matter how much you loved 到最后,只有三件事与你所爱有多重要。 重点词汇 in the end最后,结果; 竟; 卒; 终 three三; 三个; 第三; 三岁; 三个人[东西]; 三,三个; 三的; 三个的 matter物质; 事件; 问题; 重要...

do cool things that matter 做一些很酷的事情 do cool things that matter 做一些很酷的事情

A. 句意:一个人总是能够设法做更多的事情,不管他生活中的日程有多么繁忙。根据从句句型“no matter how+形容词/副词+主语+其他”判断选A。【考点定位】考查让步状语从句。

and only little things matter because one day yo (而唯一的小事情,因为有一天哟) 'll look back a (回头看一看)

我给你单独分析No matter what funny things you are talking about,主语you,谓语are talking ,后面介宾短语about介词,宾语what funny things,而最前面No matter引导让步状语从句。你也可以改成中文语序,以便理解,也就是No matter+you are...

应该是 MGK(Machine Gun Kelly) 和 Camila Cabello 合作的《Bad Things》,下面是歌词,你搜来听听看是不是这首 歌曲:Bad Things 演唱:Camila Cabello 、MGK(Machine Gun Kelly) 专辑:Bad Things Am I out of my head? Am I out of my mind? ...


Life is like a spice, where you can taste all sorts of flavour. You can not only experience happiness but also bitterness. Whatever life has given you or you have experienced, believe life is wonderful. Even though you may get...


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