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pavilion[英][pvlin][美][pvljn]n.亭,阁楼; (公zhidao共活动或展览用的)临时建筑物; 大型文体馆; 看台; vt.搭帐篷; 笼罩; 置…于亭中; 第三人称单数:pavilions过去分词:pavilioned复数:pavilions现在进行时:

pavilion英 [pvlin] 美 [pvljn] n.亭,阁楼; (公共活动或展览用的)临时建筑物; 大型文体馆; 看台vt.搭帐篷; 笼罩; 置…于亭中网络馆; 展示馆; 展厅第三人称单数: pavilions 复数: pavilions 现在分词: pavilioning 过去式: pavilioned 过去分词: pavilioned数据来源:金山词霸双语例句柯林斯词典英英释义百度知道1We then repaired to the pavilion for lunch. 然后我们就去凉亭吃午饭了.

this day:时间副词,常在句末做时间状语.如:We had a good time this day.in this day:介词短语,常在句首或句末做时间状语,强调以一天为限,具体做了什么.如:In this day,we visited 3 pavilions.(场馆)on this day:介词短语,常在句首或句末做时间状语,强调这一天本身的不同寻常.如:On this day,our country was founded.(成立)

right up意思是:一直等到,直到;再看看别人怎么说的.

The Summer PaIace,历史该叫"颐和园"(见下),但也有一译作"夏宫".The Summer Palace (Chinese: 颐和园; pinyin: Yíhéyuán), is a vast ensemble of lakes, gardens and palaces in Beijing, China. It serves as a popular tourist

[θim][p'vljns]ci m pe vi lins细目 怕微 林思你最好是会音标,要不咋读啊,呵呵

lupu bridge卢浦大桥网络释义1. 卢浦大桥例句:1.Two other pavilions to discover are Monaco and Portugal, both located next to theLupu Bridge.

Mytriptosuzhou I'm not a person who believe in fate,but sometime, you can't say that there's something that leads your destiny.After I made a crazy shout for love in the peak of Mountain Tai,Cupid is starting to gettting interested in me.One day May

every pavilion was crowdevery比each更强调所有的,very可加可不加

ago 一般是跟时间词,,three years ago.before 可以跟事件,,before i went to school, i had a breakfast.


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