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[ p'lu:n, -'lju:- ] n. 污染 例句与用法 1. Many young people could not resist the spiritual pollution. 很多年轻人不能抵制精神污染. 2. We are sad about the pollution of our beaches with oil. 我们很痛心石油对我们海滩的污染. 3. Many beautiful

1. 不可数名词 污染2. 其动词是pollute, 形容词polluted3. 常用短语 air pollution


AIR POLLUTION Sandstorms and the dust and gases from volcanoes pollute the earth's atmosphere naturally. But the most serious kind of air pollution comes from people. Factories, power stations, and rehicles exhausts[1] pump harmful gases into

在指污染种类时可数,如果单只一种,就不可数.一、读音:英 [p'lun] ;美 [p'lun] 二、意思:n. 污染;污染物 三、词汇用法/搭配:1、clear pollution 清除污物2、control〔reduce〕 pollution 控制〔减少〕污染3、environmental

Pollution As the world is getting more densely populated, pollution presents a severe problem. More people make more waste. All this waste is polluting our surroundings. Pollution has a bad influence on our life. The air is pollnted by the smoke and

pollution 沾染,污染.医学常用英语词汇.遗精 pollution

Now Days in the world.. alot of rivers and nature place has been polluted by our humans. There is air,water,land,noise and temp pollution. We must grow more plants to decrease global warming that afects our normal life.

您好:how to protect water as everybody knows that water is one of the most important things for us all to live in the earth.we can not live without water.so it's important to protect water. time gose by,with the rapid development of science and


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