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have prepared to do


要看什么意思了.请看=====================动词 qualify:prove capable or fit; meet requirements同义词:measure uppronounce fit or able make more specific同义词:restrictmake fit or prepared同义词:disposespecify as a condition or

be more prepared to do : 做好了准备同义词to get fully ready forto be fully arranged to do

Taking into account ,in the sight of,in view of是它的同义词,“考虑到”


arrive late for的同义词语=be late for例如:1 Don't arrive late for school.= Don't be late for school.2 Don't arrive late for the meeting.= Don't be late for the meeting.

你好,很高兴能回答你的问题:He and she got ready for going To work=He and she got preparations to go to work=He and she prepared to go to work(注意,prepared后面要加个to.)


nervous_有道词典 nervous 英 ['nvs] 美 ['nvs] adj. 神经的;紧张不安的;强健有力的 更多释义>> [网络短语] nervous 紧张的,神经质,紧张不安的 nervous regulation 神经调节 nervous type 神经类型,神经型,神经质型


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