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depreciation是指有形资产tangible 如equiptment building之类的折旧摊销.amortization是指无形资产intangible 如goodwill r/d 之类的费用摊销

fabricatingv.制造; 伪造; 编造( fabricate的现在分词 ); 建造; 双语例句1The present invention also relates to methods of fabricating molds for nano-imprint, and mold usage on nano-imprinting equipment.本发明还涉及纳米印刷模具的制造

the flour mill 面粉厂 双语例句网络释义 1. He was told to mill flour in the flour - mill. 人们告诉他在磨坊磨制面粉. 2. In the flour mill, wheat grains are powdered. 麦粒在磨坊被磨成粉末. 3. The wheat has been processed into flour in the flour mill. 这些小


solution[英][slu:n][美][slun]n.溶液; 解决; 溶解; 答案; 复数:solutions形近词:solutizedilutionvolution双语例句 1Vitamins in solution are more affected than those in solid foods.溶液里的维生素比固体食物里的维生素受到的影响


extremely极其,极端.(通常与形容词和副词连用)如:She found it extremely difficult to get a job. 她发觉找工作极其困难.very很,非常,十分.(至于形容词,副词和限定词前)如:Very few people know that. 很少有人知道那件事.extremely表示的程度要比very更深,语气更强.

译文:关注的问题之一涉及什么出现在互联网之上缺乏监管.这一句的分段理解是:One concern relates to a lack of control over what appears on the Internet.这一句的上下文

1、relate to 涉及,有关i can't relate what he does to what he says.我不能把他说的和他做的联系起来.2、be related to 中的related 则是一个形容词,意思为to show or make a connection between two different things(把…)联系起来.i have some books (which are) related to this phenomenon.我有一些和这个现象有关的书.希望对你有帮助.

housing assembly 壳体总成;组合 例句 1.The differential is part of the rear-axle-housing assembly, which includes the differential, rear axles, wheels, and bearings. 差速器是后桥壳总成的一个部件,后桥壳总成包括差速器、后桥、车轮和轴承.


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