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adj. 可再生的;可更新的;可继续的n. 再生性能源

renewable energy sources可再生能源;可更新的能源



an annually-renewable contract 每年的可再生合同 ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

renewable sustainable energy reviews,影响因子5.9在中科院分区中属于1区.

renewable energy global innovations可再生能源全球创新

There are energy sources which after used will release CO2 to the atmosphere , in this way will increase the carbon . In order to lower carbon emissi , renewable energy sources are much better to our enveroment . When we use coal , oil , electricity

1-renewable英 [rnju:bl] 美 [rnu:bl] adj.可再生的;可继续的,可续订的;可更新的;可翻新的Renewable energy will become progressively more important as time goes on.随着时间的推移,可再生能源将变得愈发重要.2-renew英 [rnju:] 美 [rnu:] vt.补充;重新开始;使更新;使恢复vi.重申,重复强调;重新开始When the two men met again after the war they renewed their friendship 两个人在战争结束后再次见面时重归于好.

renewable nature resources [法] 再生自然资源;


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