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作为动词 ~+名词 rush a fence 跳越栅栏 rush a house 攻占一栋房子 rush a message 急忙传送信息 rush breakfast 匆匆吃早饭 rush guard 袭击卫兵 rush meal 匆忙吃饭 rush operation 匆忙进行手术 rush settlement 冲进村落 rush stage 涌向舞台 rush


in rush,是急流的,拥挤的意思,做形容词使用,比如: in rush hours交通的高峰时刻.in a rush急急忙忙地,急速地,做副词使用,比如:they came in with a rush. 他们一哄而入.

有这个词组 rush to/into 仓促行动 rush to conclusions 匆匆下结论 rush into print仓促地出版

take away 把……拿走take along 带……去take back 拿回take down 卸下take in 吸收take off 脱下,起飞take on 雇佣take out 带出put away 把……收好put in 把……放进,插话,添加put off 推迟put on 穿上put up 建造,张贴give away 让与,捐赠

make for 走向 ; 促成make up for 弥补make after 追赶make away 逃走make off 匆忙离去make off with 携…而逃make out 理解make over 美容; 改观make towards 朝…走去make up 组成make with 产生,造出,

in the ling term 从长远角度看in no time 立刻,很快in a rush / in a hurry 匆忙in response to 对作出反应in general 一般来说 under way 进行中on average 平均

with the music on, she did her homework. with a book in his hand, he entered the classroom. with many people looking at her, she felt nervous. with his work finished, he left the office. with a lot of homework to do, he can't go to the party.

1. at hand(1) 在手边,在近处.如:He lives close at hand. 他就住在附近.I always keep a dictionary (ready) at hand. 我经常把字典放在手边.(2) 即将到来.如:The examinations are near at hand. 考试即将来临.2. by hand (1) 用手工(即不是


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