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How many satellite dishes on the roof?屋顶上有多少飞碟?望采纳~

1,goverment:The Tai goverment got into trouble.泰国政府陷入了麻烦2.go through:You can see the house after going through the tunnel.穿过隧道你就可以看到那个房子了.3.orbit:The satellite was launched into orbit.卫星被发射进入轨道4.flight:He

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found 造句to melt metal and pour it into a mould ; to make objects using this process熔化金属并将其倒入模具;用这种方法制造物体

1)North Korea will launch a satellite next month.朝鲜下月将要发射一个卫星2) Every employee in that company is required to be at work at 8:00 a.m.那家公司的每个员工都被

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The footprint of a microcomputer; the footprint of a communications satellite.微型电子计算机的覆盖区; 通信卫星的覆盖区A visible mark, such as a footprint, made or left by the passage of a person, an animal, or a thing.痕迹因人、动物或物体通过造成或留下的一可见记号,如脚印A mold, as of a footprint, made for use in a criminal investigation.印模在刑事侦察中所用而制作的印模,如脚印的印模

My reasons for dropping out of school are the following.First,my family can't afford the tuition.I have to earn money by working to support my family.

1、These fats are man-made and do not exist in nature. 这些油脂是人造的,在自然界中是不存在的.2、As these seeds fall to the ground, their wing causes them to swirl and spin in a process called autorotation, similar to man-made helicopters.


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