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signification 含义

某种就像这样的东西.something 英 ['smθ] 美 ['smθ] pron. 某事物;有价值或重要的人或事物;大致;左右 adv. 有点;非常 双解释义 pron. (代词) 某物,某事 some unstated or unknown thing 重要的事物〔人〕,有一定意义的事


A ciliopathy is a genetic disorder of the cellular cilia or the cilia anchoring structures, the basal bodies, or of ciliary function.Significant advances in understanding the importance of cilia were made beginning in the mid-1990s. However, "the

这里是要用名词形式的.significance of+形容词的名词形式

significant difference英[sinifiknt difrns]美[snfknt dfrns]显著差别,显著差异,显著性差异[例句]the authors found no statistically significant difference in the risk of suicidal acts between patients who started on ssris and those who started on tricyclics.作者们发现在服用ssris的患者和服用三环类抗抑郁药物的患者之间未发现自杀风险上的显著差异.


approach to to是介词,后面跟名词或ing 形式.AB错.their approach 是单数,所以,后面compared with _the approach__ of their parents.指代这个"the approach"的词,自然也是单数,用that ,而不用those.十分之九的家长

progress 是不可数名词,所以不能用不定冠词a 来修饰,可以用 great ,large 修饰 progress.如:make large progress 或者 make great progress

be of great significance 网络 意义重大; 重要性; [例句]It will be of great significance to accomplish this research project.完成这一重大科研项目是很有意义的意义的.


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