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你好!skyscraper [skaiskreip]n.摩天楼如果对你有帮助,望采纳.


区别:1、读音不同 renowned 英[rnand] 美[rnand] famous 英[fems] 美[fems] 2、意思不同 famous 具有“著名的”这一含义,是个最通用的词,可以指人也可以指物. renowned 所表示的“著名的”包含“荣誉”的意思

Zhuangzhuang skyscrapers幢幢摩天楼



My opinion of building skyscrapers The corn production and the qualityrequirements further enhance together with utilizing in food and feeding. Inthis paper, the status is analyzed such as the form of corn sowing, agronomicrequirements and

错了吧,应该是 "the best lawyers made skyscrapers-full of money"意思是“顶级的律师赚很多的钱(赚的钱可以塞满整栋摩天大楼)”

manhattan island 曼哈顿岛

Sears Tower (Sears Tower) is the highest in North America and the world's third tallest building, the first floor features 103 viewing hall, take the elevator is only 55 seconds away. Best viewing time Sears Tower observation hall is at 15:00 later.


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