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1.Constructs in ancient and moderns in China and abroad all humanities, most famous should be China's Great Wall. Great Wall testimony ancient times area south of Yellow River agriculture civilization and north between nomads at daggers


Physical Geography: 916,700 square kilometers. Located in northern South America. Guyana and the junction of East, South and bordering Brazil, Colombia and adjacent to the West, north Caribbean. From north to south across terrain divided into

300,000 tons more than the existing level of four oil tankers as many as in China's oil and transportation fields occupies an essential position. 2002, Dalian & Tiger Beach Ocean polar world came into being, as China's first Polar Sea World, & Tiger

没有更多细节,只能单纯从字面上想了: 醉金沙、淘醉、醇萃 呵呵,供参考 希望有帮助

Hong Kong, described as a 'barren rock' over 150 years ago, has become a world-class financial, trading and business centre and, indeed, a great world city.Hong Kong has no natural resources, except one of the finest deep-water ports in the

不好意思 我只有中问的 现有30万吨以上级油轮达4艘之多,在中国的石油及运输领域占有不可或缺的地位.2002年,大连老虎滩极地海洋世界应运而生,作为中国第一个极地海洋世界,老虎滩极地馆在全国引起了巨大的轰动,每天造访的游客

test tube you are good , you can introduce self for my such chance here very with all the pleasure in life today. i call ~ ~ , i come from so-and-so's university, my special field is that i am cherished very going to school ~ ~, the career study about chance,



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