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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are grey You'll never know dear, how much I love you Please don't take my sunshine away The other night dear, as I lay sleepin' I dreamed, I held you in my arms When I awoke

you are my sunshine

bye bye bye -lovestoned while i see you 当我看到你 looking back at me 回首看我时 watching this eye still 依然注视这双眼眸 through your fingers 穿过你的指间 and your eyes 你的眼睛 have told a thousand lies已经说过无数的谎言 but i can tell this

moumoon唱的Sunshine Girl 节奏很轻快~~ Shine my heart, it's a beautiful day Make up, and dressed Are you ready to go?Weather is great, it's my holiday We gotta party all day long Happy day Summer day Sunshine girl I like it, Happy day Summer

you are my sunshine美国歌谣 ̄. ̄

You are my sunshine~海楠的《爱啦啦》金莎《迷恋》

《Sunshine》歌手:B1A4所属专辑:Sunshine ( OST Part 1)发行时间:2013-04-29发行公司: CJ E&M歌词对照:you're my sunshine my only sunshine 你是我的阳光 永远的爱你

《you are my sunshine》歌曲原唱: Jimmie Davis 填 词:Jimmie Davis 谱 曲:Jimmie Davis 歌词:The other night dear as I lay sleeping I dreamed I held you in my arm But When I awoke dear I was mistaken And I hung my head and cried You

"Live In Sunshine" Love and hope and trust today Is what i think i'd like to say Can you see me standing here? Can you help me with my fears? Is there a way to come to you? Live forever, just we two Live in sunshine Live in sunshine Live in



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